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Recreation Experience Management – Experiential Training and Development, BS (2023-2024)

Experiential Training and Development, BS

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The following curriculum map is plan for a new student with zero credits. If you have any transfer work, AP credits, Running Start credits, or any other type of college level coursework, your plan will be different. Please always connect with your advisor to double check you are on the correct path! Also, if you are required to take pre-university level courses, your plan will be different too.

Year 1

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
ENGL 1015ENGL 2015Natural Science #25
MATH 1075Social Science #25Humanity & Arts #15
Social Science #15Natural Science #15Global Studies 5
Credit Total:15Credit Total:15Credit Total:15
Connect with advisor!
45 credits your first year.

Year 2

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
Humanity & Arts #25CMST 430 or SOCI 470
or MGMT 326
4-5RCLS 2203
RCLS 2014Diversity 5Elective/ Minor Course5
Elective/ Minor Course5Elective/ Minor Course5Elective/ Minor Course5
Credit Total:14Credit Total:14-15Credit Total:13
Course offerings for
RCLS 201 & 220 may
change. Please see
SOCI 470 and
MGMT 326 have
Please see advisor.
44-45 credits your second year.

Year 3

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
Elective/ Minor Course5RCLS 3604PHED 193
or RCLS 290
RCLS 3854RCLS 3334RCLS 3804
RCLS 2702RCLS 4553RCLS 4254
RCLS 3354Elective/ Minor Course2Elective/ Minor Course5
Credit Total:15Credit Total:13Credit Total:15-16
40-41 credits your third year.

Year 4

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCreditsSummer QuarterCredits
RCLS 435 2RCLS 490 4RCLS 240 4RCLS 495 12
RCLS 4704RCLS 4004RCLS 3134
Elective/ Minor Course5RCLS 4804Elective/ Minor Course5
Elective/ Minor Course3
Credit Total:14Credit Total:12Credit Total:13Credit Total:12
Milestones:10 weeks of
51 credits your fourth year (summer quarter included).

If you follow this plan and pass your courses, you will complete your credit requirements for graduation: 180 total credits needed.