Center for Academic Advising & Retention
305 Monroe Hall
532 Study Hall Lane
Cheney, WA 99004
PH: 509-359-2345


Center for Academic Advising & Retention
601 E. Riverside Ave
3rd Floor, Catalyst Building
Spokane, WA 99201

Center for Academic Advising & Retention (CAAR)

To receive the fastest response, please contact the general office number or send an email to our advising inbox:

Advising Main Office Number, PH: 509-359-2345

Advising Inbox, advising@ewu.edu

If you are searching for a particular person, please see our staff contact list below.

  • Von Astudillo, Senior Specialist for School of Business and School of Accounting, PH: 509-359-4709, vastudillo@ewu.edu
  • Zachary Brown, Senior Specialist for Health-Related Majors, PH: 509-359-4801, zbrown15@ewu.edu
  • Natalie Mack, Interim Associate Director, Senior Specialist for Education, PH: 509-359-4183, nmack1@ewu.edu
  • Carolyn Byrd, Student Success Advisor, PH: 509-359-4848, cbyrd2@ewu.edu
  • Taylor Fox, Student Success Advisor, PH: 509-359-2346, tfox8@ewu.edu
  • Lane Hopkins, Student Success Advisor, PH: 509-828-1392, lhopkins@ewu.edu
  • Jonatan Juárez, Student Success Advisor, PH: 509-359-6392, jjuarez3@ewu.edu
  • Ben Murray, Student Success Advisor, PH: 509-359-4633, bmurray9@ewu.edu
  • Sandy Murray, Student Success Advisor, PH: 509-359-4717, smurray11@ewu.edu
  • Kayla Reynolds, Student Success Advisor, PH: 509-359-4718, kreynolds93@ewu.edu
  • Heidi Smith, Student Success Advisor, PH: 509-359-6919, hsmith@ewu.edu
  • Melanie Thomas, Student Success Advisor, PH: 509-359-4270, mthomas@ewu.edu
  • Nathan Voeller, Student Success Advisor, PH: 509-359-6178, nvoeller@ewu.edu
  • Devon Young, Operations Manager, CAAR, dyoung16@ewu.edu

Student Success Collaborative & Degree Completion, Title III

Regina Gendusa, Director, Student Success Collaborative & Degree Completion,
Title III Project & Activity Director, PH: 509.359.4276 , rgendusa@ewu.edu

  • Jossie Brown, Assistant Director, Academic Progress, PH: 509-359-4118, jbrown104@ewu.edu
  • Ryan Wise, Assistant Director, PH: 509-359-4294, rwise@ewu.edu
  • Darlene Maria, Degree Completion Coordinator for CHSPH, PH: 509-359-4126, dmaria@ewu.edu
  • Joel Sweeney, Degree Completion Coordinator for CSTEM & CAHSS, PH: 509-359-4117, jsweeney5@ewu.edu

The Degree Completion Coordinator position for CPP is vacant, please email CAAR-DegreeCompletion@ewu.edu for assistance.