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Nursing, BSN (2023-2024)

Nursing, BSN

For more details on the program, visit the links below:


The following curriculum map is plan for a new student with zero credits. If you have any transfer work, AP credits, Running Start credits, or any other type of college level coursework, your plan will be different. Please always connect with your advisor and faculty mentor to double check you are on the correct path! Also, if you are required to take pre-university level courses, your plan will be different too.

Year 1

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
ENGL 1015ENGL 2015PSYC100 (Social Science #1)5
MATH 1075CSBS 3205Humanity & Arts #15
CHEM161/161L (Natural Science#1)5CHEM162/162L (Natural Science#2)5CHEM163/163L5
Credit Total:15Credit Total:15Credit Total:15
Declare Pre-Nursing as your Major.

Year 2

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
PSYC 201 (Social Science #2)5Global Studies5Diversity5
FNDT 3565Humanity & Arts #25BIOL 2345
BIOL 2325BIOL 2335BIOL 2355
Credit Total:15Credit Total:15Credit Total:15


  • Students should have at least 90 quarter credits before starting the nursing program.
  • The Biology and Chemistry series are required to be completed at one institution to assure continuity of coursework.
  • 3.0 GPA minimum cumulative (at time of application) in the BSN prerequisite courses. Pass/Fail grades and AP test scores are not accepted to meet BSN prerequisite requirements.
  • 3.0 GPA minimum cumulative (at time of application) in all college-level coursework from all schools attended. Minimum 2.0 in any course.
  • Students will submit a separate application for the nursing program. Visit the nursing website, for application deadlines and additional information on admission requirements.
  • Upon acceptance into the nursing program, major will be updated to nursing.

Year 3

Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
NURS 301S2NURS 311S2
NURS 302S4NURS 312S4
NURS 303S3NURS 313S3
NURS 304S2NURS 314S3
NURS 305S3NURS 315S4
NURS 306S2
Credit Total:16Credit Total:16

Year 4

Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
NURS 401S2NURS 411S2
NURS 402S4NURS 412S4
NURS 403S3NURS 413S3
NURS 404S3NURS 414S2
NURS 405S4NURS 490S5
Credit Total:16Credit Total:16