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Design, BDes (2022-2023)


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The following curriculum map is plan for a new student with zero credits. If you have any transfer work, AP credits, Running Start credits, or any other type of college level coursework, your plan will be different. Please always connect with your advisor and faculty mentor to double check you are on the correct path! Also, if you are required to take pre-university level courses, your plan will be different too.

Year 1

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
BACR5General Elective5Global4
BACR5DESN 1005DESN 200 (a)5
ENGL 1015MATH 1075ENGL 2015
Credit Total:15Credit Total:15Credit Total:14
Prerequisite: (a) ENGL 101

Year 2

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
Diversity5DESN 243 (a)4BACR5
DESN 2164DESN 263 (a)4DESN 3504
DESN 2594
Credit Total:18Credit Total:13Credit Total:14
Prerequisites: (a) DESN 100 and DESN 216

Year 3

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
DESN 338 (a)4DESN 463 (c)4Major Elective4
DESN 368 (a)4DESN Advanced Media4Major Elective5
DESN 363 (b)4DESN 366 (d)4Major Elective4
Credit Total:12Credit Total:12Credit Total:13
Prerequisites: (a) DESN 216, (b) DESN 243 and DESN 263, (c) DESN 363, (d) DESN 263

Year 4

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
DESN 4804Major Elective4General Elective5
DESN 4932Major Elective4General Elective5
Major Elective4DESN 4932DESN 490 (Capstone) (a)5
Credit Total:10Credit Total:10Credit Total:15
Prerequisites: (a) Senior Standing; DESN 363, DESN 368

Note: Courses may not be available in the term in which they are recommended. Students should prepare alternative plans that will help them continue to make progress toward degree completion.