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Dental Hygiene – Entry Level, BS (2023-2024)

Dental Hygiene – Entry Level, BS

For more details on the program, visit the links below:


The following curriculum map is plan for a new student with zero credits. If you have any transfer work, AP credits, Running Start credits, or any other type of college level coursework, your plan will be different. Please always connect with your advisor and faculty mentor to double check you are on the correct path! Also, if you are required to take pre-university level courses, your plan will be different too.

Year 1

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
ENGL 1015ENGL 2015Humanities and Arts BACR 15
MATH 1075PSYCH 100
(Social Science BACR 1)
5FNDT 3565
CHEM 161/161L
(Natural Sciences BACR 1)
(Natural Science BACR 2)
Credit Total:15Credit Total:15Credit Total:15
Declare Pre-Dental Hygiene

Year 2

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
Social Science BACR 25Humanities and Arts BACR 25Elective – certificate, minor, or general elective5
SOCI 263 (Global Studies)5CMST 340 (Diversity)5BIOL 2345
BIOL 2325BIOL 2335BIOL 2355
Credit Total:15Credit Total:15Credit Total:15


  • Attend a Dental Hygiene Information Session.
  • Observation Hour Requirement completed by application.
  • All science prerequisites must be completed within 5 years of the date of application.
  • The Biology and Chemistry series are required to be completed at one institution to assure continuity of coursework.
  • Minimum grade of a C+ or 2.3 GPA in all dental hygiene prerequisites.
  • Complete the Dental Hygiene Application. For complete list of application requirements, visit Dental Hygiene website.

Year 3

Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCreditsSummer SemesterCredits
DNHY 300S2DNHY 320S2DNHY 421S3
DNHY 301S2DNHY 321S2DNHY 450S4
DNHY 302S2DNHY 341S2
DNHY 310S3DNHY 350S5
DNHY 330S5DNHY 380S5
DNHY 360S2
DNHY 477S1
Credit Total:17Credit Total:16Credit Total:7

Year 4

Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
DNHY 430S2DNHY 452S5
DNHY 441S1DNHY 454S2
DNHY 442S2DNHY 461S2
DNHY 451S5DNHY 481S3
DNHY 460S2DNHY 484S2
DNHY 470S2DNHY 490S3
DNHY 480S3
DNHY 475S1
Credit Total:18Credit Total:17