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Chemistry – Environmental Science, BS (2023-2024)

Chemistry – Environmental Science, BS

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The following curriculum map is plan for a new student with zero credits. If you have any transfer work, AP credits, Running Start credits, or any other type of college level coursework, your plan will be different. Please always connect with your advisor and faculty mentor to double check you are on the correct path! Also, if you are required to take pre-university level courses, your plan will be different too.

Year 1

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
GEOS 1115GEOS 1125CHEM 1734
CHEM 1714CHEM 1724CHEM 173L1
CHEM 171L1CHEM 172L1ENGL 2015
MATH 1425ENGL 1015ENVS 1005
Credit Total:15Credit Total:15Credit Total:15
Take a first year seminar course
Visit Career Services or take a Career Exploration course
Meet with your academic advisor every term
Join the Sustainability club
Attend at least three campus events/activities
Talk to professor in a major you’re interested in pursuing
Check out volunteer and service activities
Explore interests and begin planning path at EWU

Year 2

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
CHEM 3046BIOL 1725CHEM 316 & 316L6
BIOL 1715BIOL 2703Math/Stats (1 of 2)4
GEOS 3204GEPS 3235BIOL 1735
Credit Total:15Credit Total:13Credit Total:15
Meet with CAAR advisor
Declare your Major! Meet with faculty advisor
Join a Science Club
Attend a lecture series
Use SOAR to track degree progress
Apply for summer internships
Participate in academic projects or research

Year 3

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
CHEM 3514CHEM 3524CHEM electivex
BIOL 4404CHEM 3723ECON 1005
ENVS 3001Hum/Art BACR5Math/Stats (2 of 2)4
GEOS 4704Upper-level elective4CHEM 4991-4
Credit Total:13Credit Total:16Credit Total:varies
Meet with faculty advisor
Attend lecture series
Make an appointment with career advisor
Identify possible Junior year project
Prepare resume and have it reviewed by a Career Advisor
Identify faculty mentor for a possible directed study project
Apply for a summer internship
Work with faculty on a project, plan for life after college

Year 4

Fall QuarterCreditsWinter QuarterCreditsSpring QuarterCredits
PLAN 4313ENVS 4001Soc. Sci. BACR5
CHEM 4915Diversity4Upper-level elective5
Global4Hum/Art BACR5GE5
Credit Total:14Credit Total:15Credit Total:15
Meet with faculty advisor
Apply for graduation using SOAR
Grad school? Take GRE, update resume and apply!
Want a job? Update cover letter and resume, Visit the Career Center
Complete directed-study research project
Use SOAR to track degree progress
Participate in Research & Creative Works Symposium
Graduate w/ an Environmental Science degree from EWU!