Job Descriptions


Accounting Aide 1

Accounting Aide 2

Administrative Program Specialist-Office Aide 1

Administrative Program Specialist-Office Aide 2

Administrative Program Specialist-Office Aide 3

All College Student Ambassador 

Animal Technician Assistant 1

Animal Technician Assistant 2

Art Model 2

ASEWU Positions (All)

Cashier Aide

Cashier Aide 2

Climbing Wall Instructor 2 Lead

Community Advisor

Community Affairs Assistant

Computer Operator Assistant

Costume Shop Assistant

Custodial Aide


Driver-Warehouse Helper

Eagle Entertainment General Event Planner 1

Eagle Entertainment Programmer 2 Lead

Eagle Sound Technician 1

Eagle Sound Technician 2 Lead

The Easterner - Advertising Representative

The Easterner Publication Assist. - Chief Copy Editor

The Easterner Publication Assist. - Editor in Chief

The Easterner Publication Assist. - Graphic Designer

The Easterner Publication Assist. - Managing Editor

The Easterner Publication Assist. - Multimedia Lead

The Easterner Publication Assist. - Section Editor

The Easterner Publication Assist. - Social Media Editor

The Easterner Publication Assist. - Web Editor

EWU Athletics Communications Assistant

EWU Athletics Marketing Assist. 1 - Game Day Ops Crew

EWU Athletics Marketing Assist. 2 - Graphic Designer

EWU Athletics Ticket Taker-Ticket Seller

EWU Athletics Video Assistant 1

EWU Athletics Video Assistant 2

EWU Athletics Video Board/Camera Operator Assistant 1

EWU Athletics Video Operator Assistant

Fitness Instructor

Food Aide 1

Food Aide 2

Food Aide 3 - Student Lead

Food Aide 4 - Student Supervisor

Global Ambassadors 

Graduate Assistant

Graduate Teaching Instructor

Graphics Assistant

Grounds Assistant

Group X Instructor

IT Technology Infrastructure Services Attend

IT Help Desk

IT Specialist

Lab Assistant 1

Lab Assistant 2

Library Assistant 1

Library Assistant 2

Lifeguard 2

Lifeguard 3 - EWU Aquatic Swim Center Instructor

Mail Clerk-Driver

Maintenance Helper 1

Maintenance Helper 2

Multimedia Consultant - Learning Commons


Outdoor Field Staff Assistant - Epic Adventures

Outdoor Field Staff Lead - Epic Adventures

Parking Services Attendant

Parking Services Attendant - Game Day

Peer Advisor-Mentor

Peer Advisor Multicultural Center 

Peer Advisor-International

Peer Advisor-Social Sciences


PLUS Student Facilitator - Tutor

PLUS Student Peer Academic Coach

Program Aide - Food Pantry

Publicity Worker-PR Media Assist. - Art & Theater

Publicity Worker-PR Media Assist. - EWU Athletics

Publicity Worker-PR Media Assist. - SAIL & Eagle Entertainment

Publicity Worker/Public Relations Media Assistant 

Radio Program Assistant-DJ


Recreation Aide - Climbing Wall Instructor

Recreation Aide 1 - EPIC Adventures

Recreation Aide 2 Program Assist Climbing Wall Instructor

Recreation Aide 2 Lead Climbing Wall Instructor

Recreation Aide 2 Lead - EPIC Adventures

Recreation Aide 2 Climbing Wall Head Route Setter

Research Assistant 1

Research Assistant 2

Research Assistant 3 - Graduate

Research Assistant 3 - Graduate - Cybersecurity

Research Assistant 4 - Graduate

Security Attendant-Police Cadet 1

Security Attendant-Police Cadet 2

Sports Announcer

Sports Equipment Assistant 1 - SRC Operations

Sports Equipment Assistant 2 - Varsity Sports

Sports Official 1/Scorekeeper

Sports Official 1 - Intramural Sports

Student Ambassador I

Student Ambassador II

Teaching Assistant 1

Teaching Assistant 2

Teaching Assistant 2 - Rock Climbing

Teaching Assistant 3 - Graduate

Teaching Instructor - Graduate

Telephone Solicitor

Telephone Solicitor 2

Theatre-Stage Technician 1

Theatre-Stage Technician 2

Ticket Seller/Ticket Taker - EWU Athletics


URC Arena Attendant


URC Operations Assistant

Visitor Center Representative-Tour Guide

Web Assistant