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What is the decision-making and meeting quorum protocol for the task forces?

Both the Academic Programs and University Services task forces have adopted the following protocol for making decisions and establishing a quorum for meetings:

  • Quorum: 75% (or 12 members) of the task force must be present in order to conduct a meeting.
  • Decision threshold: 85% (or 14 members) of the task force must agree when voting on a decision in order for it to hold.
    • Fallback option: if a decision cannot be reached after multiple votes, the chair of the task force may select the “fallback option” which allows the decision threshold to be reduced by one (1) in order to reach a decision.
    • Proxy votes: members may submit a vote by proxy in order to ensure a decision can be made, so long as there is a quorum.

*As of Aug. 1, quorum is reduced to 11 and decision threshold is reduced to 13 for the University Services Task Force due to the departure of chair Nina DeCamp.