Tell me can

Student Contributor: C Parkhurst
The tell me can is a way for students to be able to talk about what’s going on in their life or ask for support. This tool is great because it gives the student the opportunity to talk about something they may not want their peers to hear or have anxiety about saying it in person.

The way this tool works is students can write on index cards whatever is going on in their life, away or at school. These notes go into a coffee can that the teacher reads privately on his/her own time. Students will sign their name but the notes are kept hidden from their peers so the social anxiety is gone. The teacher may conference with the student privately about their note. I have seen this being used in my seventh grade class and it is a great tool. This tool has helped so many students in both social instances and academically. Students have asked for additional support for their academics and have talked about heavy topics that must be addressed with an adult, but they previously didn’t have the opportunity.

I chose this tool for the supportive phase as it doesn’t prevent anything and is not meant for correcting behavior. This is strictly for support of the student. For this tool to effectively work, the teacher must be present and available for students’ support. This is meant for student understanding and encouragement of prosocial behaviors. The theories that this tool best fits is the student directed and student directed collaborative, mainly because of who orchestrates the notes. The notes are directly for students and are sent on behalf of the students, while the teacher is to read and respond to them. That is where it is collaborative.

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Tool Source: Ashley Mortenson

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