Hallway Clothes Pins

Student Contributor: S. Burton
This tool is helpful as it gives students some responsibility plus the teacher is able to know where everyone is with a simple look at the door.

Each student is provided with their own close pin with their name, this is placed by the door. When a child needs to leave the room, they simply place their close pin in the desired box then go to their desired location. Clear expectations of limits regarding how many times and how long the students are gone for need to be in place. The students need to understand the responsibility they are given and that if it is not followed, they will be no longer trusted with it. From my personal experience I can see that if students are engaged in the lesson, they rarely want to leave the room just to leave the room. I believe by giving them this responsibility they receive a sense of pride by being trusted with such an important task.

I placed this tool in the preventative phase as it allows the teacher to know where the students are without disrupting the whole class. The students are able to freely go out of the classroom as needed which prevents any unneeded outbursts as a result of not being able to go. It is also connected to the corrective phase when the students misuse the pins they will need to be corrected. It connects to the supportive phase as the students get a sense of ownership regarding when they can leave the classroom. As well as a sense of pride for being trusted with this responsibility.

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Tool Source: Mrs. Brittany Cozza

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