Completion Hoop

Student Contributor: H. Barsness
The Completion Hoop is used for helping students want to complete tasks throughout the day, and provides a fun way to celebrate their progress.

The Completion Hoop should be used one student at a time. I have let students do up to three shots to try and make the basket. The hoop is used one student at a time. As students finish a task, they raise their hands to be checked off on their progress. Once the student gets confirmed that they have no changes to make on the task, they go up to where the hoop is and shoot their basket. This does take for a little extra time, but students look forward to getting to shoot a basket when completing a task.

The Completion Hoop relates to the Three Phases & the Theories of Influence by being a part of the supportive phase. I placed the Completion Hoop in the supportive phase, because it has been motivational support for students to want to complete their tasks in class. When tasks get to be more difficult, or students are simply having an off day where they don't want to do a task, or are unmotivated, the Completion Hoop has provided a solution to this. The Completion Hoop is a fun activity to let the student celebrate their task is done correctly and thoroughly. This tool fits the influence of student lead due to basketball being an interest of our class, and it requires more time to give students an active way to support their motivation in doing tasks.

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Tool Source: Katie Haak

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