March 9, 2022

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the IR mailing list! This is our exciting new platform to bring you the data that you didn’t even know you needed. We plan to send out a message to this group once a month to detail what’s β€œNew from Institutional Research.” This first message will serve as an introduction to our data and the resources available to you. (This first mail might be repetitive for most of you, hang in there, later messages will bring new content!)


Eastern Up Close – Our Bread and Butter

Your portal to aggregate institutional data, using interactive Tableau dashboards ends uses can explore a number of hypotheses. Explore the breadth areas here: Eastern Up-Close

β€’ Eastern Up-Close Dashboard Highlight: EquityΒ β€’

One of our newest dashboards allows you to examine student success outcome achievement by different student groups and outcomes.

The Equity dashboard has two main tabs: by outcome and by group.

Both tabs allow you to choose any or all Fall cohorts from 2014 through 2020 and the student admit type (All, First-Time in College, and Transfer).

The by outcome tab includes filters for a variety of positive student outcomes such as: first term GPA 2.0 or greater, 1st to 2nd quarter persistence, 1st to 2nd year persistence, and more.

The by group tab includes filters such as: historically underserved minority, disabled student, veteran, over the age of 28, and more.



It is enrollment time! Students are registering for Spring quarter as we speak. Check out the enrollment trends as they compare to previous years here: Enrollment Trends



As our name suggests, we don’t just supply the data, we analyze it. Our staff is highly trained in statistical analysis and machine learning. View our research here: Our Research

β€’ Research Highlight: Institutional Effectiveness: Examining Effects on Student Success When Course Registration Occurs Prior to Course Start Date Vs. On or After Course Start DateΒ β€’

In this study, we investigated how the timing of when a student registers for a course effects two main student outcomes: retention and course completion.

Lead investigator, Brittany Iverson, observed 370,412 instances of undergraduate course registrations from Fall 2017 through Summer 2021 for this project.

Read the report to see the effect of when students register for a course in proximity to the course start date.


Consulting – NEW!

Introducing IR Consulting! We want to do the research that will best benefit you. Do you have a hypothesis or research question, but haven’t had the time to get around to it? Lay it on us! We will work with you to gather the data, analyze, summaries and promote it.

β€’Β Start the collaborative process by filling out our IR Consulting FormΒ β€’


Lastly, we’ve redesigned our website to be more informative, check it out!

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