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To collect, analyze, organize, and disseminate institutional data to university stakeholders with the goal of supporting EWU's mission to Expand Opportunities For Personal Transformation Through Excellence In Learning.

To establish and maintain an effective institutional research operation by providing timely data and analysis to foster data informed decision-making in support of EWU’s three core themes: Access, Learning, and Completion.


  1. Data Access: Consistently provide reliable and timely data with the goal of promoting student success by understanding and fostering the factors contributing to educational excellence.
  2. External Reporting: Β Maintain full compliance with all regulatory and external reporting requirements. Participate in multiple volunteer external surveys.
  3. Internal Data Reporting: Help develop a university culture relying on data to form evidence-based decisions.
  4. Research: Conduct internal institutional research while developing new models and tools in support of university priorities.
  5. Support EWU Strategic Planning: Help strategic planning efforts through metrics development, measurement, machine learning, forecasting, and successfully communicating progress.

Are you interested knowing when we update a dashboard, publish a research paper, and/or want to stay up-to-date on all our data?

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