Appeal & Request Forms & Process for Resolving Difficulties

The Graduate Committee (GoCARRT) in the School of Education meets biweekly to discuss student requests and appeals.

Students should submit a Graduate Appeal + Request Form (found in the box below) if they are hoping to have:

  • Courses substituted from another school
  • Expired coursework reviewed
  • Seeking readmission to the program
  • Other requests (such as an unresolved difficulty)

If you have questions about your submission or need guidance email

Process for Resolving Difficulties:

Many concerns can be resolved at the instructor, department/school, or college level, while some should be resolved in an office that handles specific types of complaints. If you are unsure who to first contact about an issue, please reach out the GoCARRT Committee for advice.

Informal Resolutions

If your complaint is about a process or behavior of another student, faculty, or staff that does not reach the level of discrimination, then you are encouraged first to attempt, in good faith, to resolve a grievance with the member or members of the faculty or academic staff most directly concerned. All parties concerned are urged to make a sincere effort to resolve the issue at this level.

If the issue is not resolved by working with the faculty or staff member, students should contact the GoCARRT Committee at Or fill out the Graduate Appeal & Request Form.

If the issue cannot be resolved with GoCARRT Committee, students should contact the Chair of School of Education, Lance Potter at

If the issue cannot be resolved with the involvement of the Chair of the School of Education, then students should contact the Dean of the College of Professional Programs ( or the Director of Graduate Programs

Formal Resolutions

If your concern is more serious, involving a violation of policy or law such as those addressing sexual harassment or discrimination, then look through the Student Support Services and Policies section of this handbook to identify the correct office to contact based on the nature of the grievance. *Note that there are deadlines for filing complaints about or appealing some issues, such as grades, but no deadlines for other complaints such as for sexual harassment or disability discrimination. If you are unsure, seek advice from the Dean of the College of Professional Programs ( or the Director of Graduate Programs