Ground Rules

Who’s Welcome?

College and high school tech enthusiasts, we want you! If you love coding, jump on board. Bring your ideas and passion!


10-hour coding sprint, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Get ready for a day of innovation and collaboration.

Team Up

Maximum 4 coders per team. Short on members? No problem – we’ll connect you.

Idea Factory Unleashed!

No limits, no boundaries – you have some ideas? Bring them all! Just a small rule – no pre-cooked code; we’re all about the fresh and the fabulous.

Ready to embark on this coding odyssey? See you at EWU Codefest!


To ensure fairness in the competitions, we have decided to split the competition into two divisions. They are as follows:

Lower Division: This division is designed for participants with limited experience in computer science. It includes high school students, underclassmen, non-computer science majors, and EWU students who still need to complete CSCD350, Software Development Principles.

Upper Division: The upper division is intended for advanced participants with a strong understanding of computer science concepts and proficiency in multiple programming languages. It’s recommended for juniors and seniors, as well as EWU students who have completed CSCD350.

Note: If your team has members with varying skill levels, choose the division that aligns with the majority of the team’s expertise. Reclassification will also be available during the event if necessary.