Welcome to EWU Codefest 2024!

Eastern Washington University is hosting its first hackathon – EWU Codefest! Gear up for a day of coding, learning, and networking. Mark your calendars and be part of this exciting event! ANYTHING goes. Any technology, any team, any school, any grade. As long as you are motivated to learn and create. You are invited!

Mark your calendars, Pack your innovation, And show your talent!

Event Date: April 13th, 2024

Theme: Optional – Teams can add to the fun by wearing matching shirts!

Registration Deadline: April 5th, 2024 (Friday)

Prizes: Exciting prizes and opportunities await the brightest minds!

Team composition: Each team can consist of up to four people. Those who do not have a full team can go it alone or gather members at the event!

Ground Rules: Link

Where: Catalyst Building – 601 E Riverside Ave, Spokane WA, 99202

Catalyst Building Rooms: 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 307, 308, 309 and Room 172 (Innovation Hub)

Register Now!!

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Secure your front-row seat to the tech extravaganza – it’s time to register for EWU Codefest! Seize the opportunity and dive into the excitement.

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Registration Form (Open Now Until April 5th, 2024)


Check-in and Registration: 8:30 – 9:30 am

Coding starts: 10:00 am

Lunch: 1:00 pm

Leveraging Generative AI with a Discord Chatbot: Kevin Dang and Jonathan Smoley: 1:30pm-2:00pm in CAT 304

Dinner: 5:00 pm

Judges on the mark: 8:00 pm


Free parking will be provided

Parking will be paid for courtesy of EWU ACM Club. The lot is directly in front of the Catalyst Building.

What To Bring

Gear Up for the Hackathon Adventure!

Pack your essentials – laptops, chargers, and power cables. We’ve got the food covered; all you need is your innovation, collaboration spirit, and a desire to meet new tech pals. Let’s code, connect, and overcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Codefest is meant for people of all skill levels including those who are not computer science majors. The main idea is to get people more involved with coding. Coding doesn’t have to be computer science-based. Data science, mathematics, biology statistics, and engineering are other fields that also involve coding.

No. Participants are expected to bring their equipment including laptops, extra monitors, etc. If you want to attend but do not have equipment, please email jmcclenahan@ewu.edu and we will try and work something out before the event.

As stated above, any projects are permitted. BUT, if you like you need to ask if your project is allowed then it’s better to ask.

No! Teams who would like to come and work on a project without being evaluated are allowed. You may even ask mentors for feedback without getting judged

Yes! Participants who would like to work alone are allowed. However, we believe the best projects are made within collaboration so teams are heavily recommended.

No worries! Email Johanne at jmcclenahan@ewu.edu and explain the issue. We will be able to resolve it.

If one of your teammates drops out before the event, you are permitted to find someone to take their spot on your team. To get the updated name badge, you must email jmcclenahan@ewu.edu so that the new member is properly added to the system. Please do not submit another registration form if you are replacing a member.

Yes, they are allowed to join your team. However, they must submit their registration form by themselves. The form registration is pivotal in keeping track of registration numbers. DO NOT reregister with all members as they could throw off the numbers. If you do, email jmcclenahan@ewu.edu and she will resolve the issue for you

Unfortunately, we must have a cap on the number of participants. If we do reach the cap and overflow into a standby list, then we must verify that the teams within the cap can come. If we don’t then it can lead to standby teams missing slots that could’ve gone to them. All in all, pay attention to your emails as the event gets closer for updates. This is a hard rule that will be enforced.

You cannot. We have a set budget for food for a set amount of people. Allowing more people to come will result in food shortages which isn’t good. Ensure that you register early to get your spot at Codefest.

Have more questions? Email Johanne McClenahan at jmcclenahan@ewu.edu, she will respond as soon as she can