What is EWU Codefest?

EWU Codefest is not just a hackathon; it’s the pulsating heart of Eastern Washington University’s tech scene! Bringing together the brightest minds – students, developers, and industry pros – in a whirlwind of innovation.

Our Mission

At EWU Codefest, we transform tech dreams into reality. We go beyond mere coding; we are architects of a future where creativity, collaboration, and skill development are the cornerstones defining the very essence of the tech community. Join us as we pave the way for innovation, one line of code at a time

Our Vision

Imagine an inclusive and inspiring space, where participants don’t just solve problems; they redefine what’s possible. At EWU Codefest, we’re not just pushing boundaries; we’re propelling you into a world where challenges are embraced, and solutions make a real-world impact. Welcome to the epicenter of tech evolution!

Codefest poster