Thoughts From Associates Of Our Program

The SSMP is a life-changing event; it changed my views about stuttering, gave me the support and confidence to move forward, and importantly SSMP taught me techniques to effectively manage my speech.
- Qais Bashir SSMP 2015

GO TO THE SSMP! These are not "fluency" programs. In fact the desperation for fluency is what keeps it unattainable.  Learning to be comfortable stuttering is the key to managing  your speech.  Fluency is a bi-product.
- Sam Gordon, Artist, NYC

The SSMP refresher reinforced the stuttering management skills I learned 10 years ago. The program provided a balance of individual and group therapy sessions and I learned a lot from the clinicians and other stutterers.
- Peter Martin, SSMP 1992

The Successful Stuttering Management Program Provides the stutterer with the tools to help control their stuttering instead of the stuttering controlling them. As a graduate of the SSMP, I have experienced first hand the effect of this program. It has changed my life and I see it change the lives and attitudes of everyone who goes through it.
- Annie Bradberry, Former Director of the National Stuttering Association.

We think this is one of the finest programs in the country and even in the world of adolescent and adults who stutter.
- Jane Fraser, President Stuttering Foundation of America

Those who come through this program are very special people. With its unique philosophy and flexible format, SSMP can help yo control your stuttering and make leaps toward person freedom.

- John Ahlbach, Co-Founder of FRIENDS; The National Association of Young People Who Stutter

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