Tips & Tricks

4 Steps to Conquer You Email

Is your email cluttered? Look at our guide to help clean your email and make it easier for you and for others! 

Archiving Guide

Need to archive? Learn more on how to prepare an archive box that is ready for the University Records Officer. 

Best Practices for Team Communication Platforms

Find out how to navigate team communication programs in a secure and transparent way. 

Cloud Best Practices

Using the cloud to keep records? Find out here how to implement cloud-based applications in a secure way. 

Drafts: To Keep, Or Not To Keep

Knowing what to keep and what not to can be difficult. Find out more here on what is needed and what can be tossed!

How to Clean Up Your Outlook Calendar (Video Courtesy of State Archives 01:58)

Click here to see a shortcut that can help get rid of any digital clutter in your calendar that needs to be removed.  

How to Organize Your Inbox Using Outlook Rules (Video Courtesy of State Archives 02:10)

Here are some tips and tricks to keep your outlook inbox nice and tidy. 

How to Pack an Archives Box (Video Courtesy of State Archives 02:12)

A step-by-step video that shows you how to pack an archive box that follows Washington State guidelines. 

Outlook Tips (Video 03:55)

Here are some more tips from Outlook that can help avoid digital hoarding. Let Outlook do the work for you!  

Scan & Toss

Digitalization is the way of the future! Find out here how and when it is appropriate to scan paper documents.