Records Management

The mission of Records Management is to provide a sound records and information management program to ensure the University retains the necessary information to meet legal, financial, administrative, research, and historical needs as required for Washington State public records.

Records Storage has gone digital effective July 1st, 2023! We are still accepting archival records for storage. Any non-archival records will no longer be stored for departments. if you need storage solutions for your department records which are not archival, please contact to schedule a consultation.

What's Happening

University Archives is Social

University Archives now has a couple of social media accounts that you can like and follow. Here are their accounts:          

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Telework and Records Management

Many people have telework on the mind these days, but what about records and accessing systems and documents? This is a good time to review best practices for managing electronic records (or e-records) and use of personal computers for work purposes. Please view this short video to see how best to manage and access records, … Read more

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Does your department have COVID-19 records?

If your department has COVID-19 records, you may want to review the following resources from State Archives: How Long Do COVID-19 Pandemic Records Need to Be Kept? How Long DO COVID-19 Contact Tracing Logs and Screening Records Need to Be Kept? What Does “Until No Longer Needed for Agency Business” Mean?

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New Project in Development

The Records Management team has an exciting new project that is about to roll out. Stay tuned for more developments.

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Going Digital

Records is going digital! On July 1st, 2023, University Records Storage will no longer accept non-archival paper-based records. Find out more here!

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