Pie in the Face Risk Guidelines

EWU Risk Management is aware that many organizations host fundraisers and other events that include pieing individuals in the face. We understand the comedy and fun these events bring our students; however, proper precautions must be in place in order to ensure the safety of participants. Below are a set of guidelines that must be met in order for Risk Management to approve events that include pieing in the face.

  1. Only soft food items such as the following may be used.
    • whipped cream (e.g. Cool Whip or Reddi Wip),
    • custard pastry cream
    • whipped cream frosting
    • pudding
    • pie crusts
  2. You must disclose all ingredients that are used to participants.
  3. The only plates that may be used for pieing are paper plates or aluminum pie tins.
  4. You must have large garbage bags available for people to wear to protect their clothing.
  5. You may not throw the pie in someone’s face. Instead, you must gently place the pie in their face.
  6. In order to prevent falls, the area around the individual being pied must be cleaned up as needed between pieing attempts. Note that the pie ingredients can make the floor/ground very slippery.
  7. Hosts must clean up the event site after the event. If pie substance is found on floors, walls, furniture, concrete, benches, signs, or other areas on the site, you will be charged by Facilities Services for additional clean-up.
  8. Provide plastic garbage bags for people to wear if they want.

For questions or assistance, contact the Risk Manager at riskmanager@ewu.edu.