Rules Docket and Rules Development Agenda


Semi-Annual Rules Development Agenda

January-June 2024

In accordance with RCW 34.05.314, Eastern Washington University publishes the following semi-annual, rule development agenda. This agenda is for informational purposes only and items and dates listed below are tentative.

Additional rule development activity not on the agenda may occur as conditions warrant.

If you have questions about this rule development agenda, please contact Annika Scharosch, Assoc. Vice President, Tawanka 211, Cheney, WA 99004, phone 509-359-6724, email

WAC CitationSubject MatterPreproposal (CR-101)Proposed (CR-102) or Expedited (CR-105)Permanent (CR-103)
WAC 172-11-040Waivers of TuitionFiled 08/04/2023; WSR 23-17-010Filed 01/02/2024; WSR 24-02-073Expected: 02/23/2024
WAC 172-122-200Notice of TrespassFiled 01/02/2024; WSR 24-02-075Expected: 02/23/2024Expected: 05/17/2024

Previous Rulemaking Activity in 2024