EWU Policy 402-02: Diversity and Nondiscrimination (Draft)

8 thoughts on “EWU Policy 402-02: Diversity and Nondiscrimination (Draft)”

  1. I noticed a change in restroom signage from gender-inclusive restrooms back to male and female with signs noting that persons can use the one they are comfortable with however, this is a form of gender-segregation in my opinion. I would like Section 5 of this policy updated and the restrooms to be updated with the gender-neutral verbiage once again. The students in my area are very upset by the change and they feel like it is a step in the wrong direction.

  2. The first floor restrooms in Senior Hall were turned into “gender inclusive” restrooms with signage only last year upon our request. The second and third floor restrooms stayed gender specific. This was a supportive and important step for Senior Hall students, staff, and faculty.
    We came to the building this week to find the “gender inclusive” restroom signage gone from the first floor restrooms, and the gender specific signage back up along with a sign about the law. This is not the same and is not welcoming or supportive. The new signage of the law attached to gender specific signage does not seem to uphold the intent of the law. Using a restroom is a basic human right and how we provide that on campus reflects our sense of humanity and upholds the dignity for all students, staff, and faculty.
    Fix the signs please and adapt the stalls in the bathrooms. Make sure our new policy revisions for EWU-402-02 support the type of values we wish to portray on our campus (and still meet the legal obligations).

  3. We are in social work. How is this promoting change and advocating? This should be advocated for from the top to the bottom. How can we allow a setback that would impact our staff and students negatively?

  4. This policy, specifically section 5, discriminates against students who don’t identify with gender binaries. Students shouldn’t have to inconvenience themselves by having to walk from one end of campus to the other looking for one of these single use bathrooms while missing valuable class time. All people should feel safe to use campus restrooms in all buildings.

  5. Hello
    I would like gender-inclusive bathroom signage replaced on the first floor of senior hall. A lack of gender-inclusive signage, a lack of acknowledgement of individuals who are gender fluid and or non-binary is directly discriminating against student gender identity. Please replace the gender-inclusive signs, please continue to be an educational facility that is accepting and able to support students who are non-binary and or gender fluid. Students deserve to have a bathroom that they feel included in, and feel safe to utilize as they need with their gender identity. The lack of gender inclusivity is not supportive, unwelcoming, and frankly not upholding dignity for all students and staff utilizing this building and others within EWU.

  6. I find the sign change for the first floor bathrooms to be discriminatory. People who are gender fluid should have the right to use the bathroom of their choice. My hope is that the bathroom signs on the first floor of senior hall be replaced with the “gender inclusive” signs to allow all people who visit the building the right to use the bathroom and feel included.

  7. I would like for the bathroom signs on the first floor of senior hall to be replaced with “gender inclusive” again. I find that the replacement of “male” or “female” signs to be discriminatory against individuals who are gender fluid. Since the building offers most of the classes for social work majors, it goes against the value of dignity and worth of a person. My hope is the bathroom signs on the first floor of senior hall be replaced with the “gender inclusive” signs again.

  8. Thank you, everyone, for providing feedback about the current signage on some of EWU’s restrooms. The signs indicating some of the facilities were “gender neutral” had to be taken down after a code enforcement officer from the City of Cheney threatened to fine EWU because the facilities did not meet the code definition of a gender neutral facility. Our Facilities division is working on a plan to renovate some of these restrooms to ensure they meet the code definition of a gender neutral facility and then the signs will be restored. Thank you for your patience.

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