Chapter 172-141 WAC – Use of Outdoor Areas for First Amendment Activities

Download PDF version of this Chapter WAC  Chapter 172-141 WAC Effective: 6/15/18 USE OF OUTDOOR AREAS FOR FIRST AMENDMENT ACTIVITIES WAC Sections 172-141-010 Commitment and purpose. 172-141-020 Scope. 172-141-030 Definitions. 172-141-040 Use of outdoor space and notification. 172-141-050 Restrictions on use of university property. 172-141-060 Distribution of materials. 172-141-010 Commitment and purpose. Eastern Washington University … Read more

Chapter 172-139 WAC – Commercial Activities

WAC 172-139-005: Purpose WAC 172-139-010: Commercial Activities WAC 172-139-020: Commercial Activities in the Pence Union Building WAC 172-139-005 Purpose. This chapter establishes standards for the conduct of commercial activities on Eastern Washington University property by persons or entities. This includes property and facilities that are owned, operated, or otherwise controlled by Eastern Washington University. WAC … Read more

Chapter 172-108 WAC – Adjudicative Proceedings

PDF Version Chapter 172-108 WAC Last Update: 05/21/2021 ADJUDICATIVE PROCEEDINGS WAC Sections 172-108-010 Introduction. 172-108-020 Appointment of presiding officer. 172-108-030 Method of recording and recording devices. 172-108-035 Advising and representation of parties. 172-108-040 Formal adjudicative proceedings. 172-108-050 Brief adjudicative proceedings. 172-108-060 Brief adjudicative proceedings closed. 172-108-070 Procedures for brief adjudicative proceedings. 172-108-100 Procedures for reduction, … Read more

EWU 202-14: Carryforward

PDF Version Administration – Financial Activities EWU Policy 202-14 Authority: EWU Board of Trustees Effective:  June 24, 2005 Proponent: Business & Finance   History:  This policy revises and supersedes the previous version dated March 23, 2012 and the interim policy dated October 19, 2015.  It was adopted by the Board of Trustees on February 26, … Read more

EWU 201-05 Electronic Signatures

PDF Version University Operations – Administrative EWU Policy 201-05 Authority: EWU Board of Trustees Effective: May 12, 2017 Proponent: Business & Finance Purpose:  This policy identifies Eastern Washington University (hereafter “the University”) requirements and standards for the use of electronic signatures (hereafter “e-signatures”) in conducting business operations in support of the institutional administration of the … Read more

EWU 203-05: Accessible Technology

PDF Version University Operations – Information Services EWU Policy 203-05 Authority: EWU Board of Trustees Effective: May 10, 2019 Proponent: Vice President of Business and Finance Purpose:  This policy provides information and processes by which University personnel will create, obtain and maintain all electronic and information technology in a manner that ensures accessibility for individuals … Read more