How to Use the Group Block

How to Use the Group Block

The Group Block in the Gutenberg editor is used to group multiple blocks into a single container, allowing content managers to treat multiple blocks as a single entity. So learning to use the group block will pay dividends in creating more complex layouts and designs and organizing content into sections or group-related elements. This post … Read more

Create a Contact Form

How to Create a Simple Contact Form

This article will walk you through creating and configuring a simple contact form for the best results possible. You will also learn how to insert it into a page you build and configure both the confirmations and notifications. Create the Form Before we put the form on your website, we have to create it first. … Read more

Headline versus Heading

Headline Block vs. Heading Block

As a content manager on at Eastern Washington University, you have access to many blocks that you can use to create and organize your content. At first glance, some of these blocks can be confusing because of similar names or their different locations in the block inserter itself. One such instance is the Headline … Read more

Your Website at EWU

Websites at EWU

At EWU, we have two distinctly different website environments. The first is, or the “external” website managed by the MarCom team at EWU. The second is or the “internal” website managed by the web team located under Instructional Technology. While both websites use the WordPress content management system, they do so in distinctly … Read more

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