Argos All-Purpose (New)

The Advising Dashboard:

A Brief Description: Everything advisors need to know about their students and determining if a student has been assigned an advisor.

Some of the data you’ll find: Advisor: names, type, student cohort, and type (primary or secondary). Students: contact info, first term, last term, population, level, classification, GPA, academic standing, no declared major, major, minor, current credits, and concentration.

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The Enrollment by Subject Dashboard

A Brief Description: From headcounts to final grades, everything you’ll need to learn about the academic courses and the experience of students who took them.

Some of the data you’ll find: academic period, start and end dates, level, identification, and total enrollment.

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The Search Academic Courses Dashboard

A Brief Description: Learn everything about previously offered courses, current courses, and prospective courses – and the academic journey of students who have completed the course.

Some of the data you’ll find: Course: level, schedule type, the institution where transfer courses were taken, instruction method, students withdrawn and waitlisted, credits, fees, grades, and section add date. (Y or N) indicators: credit for GPA, repeat course, incomplete grade, and registration errors.

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The Last Attended Audit Dashboard

A Brief Description: Enter student EWU ID numbers to verify the last term the student attended EWU. All students have a last term attended. For example, if not enrolled for any post-baccalaureate work, the academic term a student graduated is also the last term they attended. The last term completed by current students, as well as stop-outs who have not attended in more than a year will all have a latest term attended.

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The Registration Changes Dashboard

A Brief Description: Enter a number (in days) to see a complete list of students who either added or dropped a course within the number of days you choose.

Some of the data you’ll find: Course: academic and sub-academic periods, identification, section number, reference number, and advisor name. Student: EWU ID number, name, registration status, athlete and veteran indicators, attribute and cohort.

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The Search Active Students Dashboard

A Brief Description: Learn about our current students.

Some of the data you’ll find: Course: title, credits, grades, section number, reference number, attribute, level, college, department, campus, days and times, and instructor name. Student: EWU ID number, name, email and physical addresses, gender / legal sex / personal pronoun, race, athlete and veteran indicators, current time status, level, population, classification, academic standing, cohort, field of study, degree type, holds, advisor name, and contact info.

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The Search Incoming Students Dashboard

A Brief Description: Learn about people who applied for enrollment at EWU.

Some of the data you’ll find: Unduplicated headcount, academic period and year, enrollment status (applied, admitted, confirmed, and enrolled), intended time status and field of study, pre-majors or declared majors, any previous college degrees, high school GPA, residency, advisor, cohort, latest decision and date, student population, and admissions population.

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The Graduated / Applied to Graduate Dashboard

A Brief Description: The number of students who earned a degree, number and type of degrees awarded, and length of time to degree completion.

Some of the data you’ll find: Unduplicated headcount, degree award category, institutional and departmental honors, college, GPA, field of study, concentration, advisor name and email, and the students legal name and preferred name.

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