Religious Accommodations

Students and employees may request a religious accommodation by submitting a request to the Office of Equal Opportunity. Students who are not employed by the university who are seeking a waiver from EWU's immunization requirements should fill out the religious waiver form in Med+Proctor. Students who are employed by the university and non-student employees must use this form to request a religious waiver from EWU's immunization requirements. This form may also be used to request other forms of religious accommodations.

Please fill out the information below and our office will contact you. EWU engages in an interactive process to determine which accommodations it can provide. Requests may be denied if they constitute an undue hardship or a fundamental alteration of EWU’s educational programs or activities.

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If a request for a religious accommodation is denied by the Director of Equal Opportunity, the person submitting the request may file a written appeal within 14 days by contacting the Associate Vice President for Civil Rights at The Associate Vice President or designee will coordinate with the appropriate reviewing official. Academic issues will be reviewed by the dean of the applicable academic college. The reviewing official's decision is final.