EWU Nondiscrimination Policies

Diversity and Nondiscrimination – EWU Policy 402-02

The goal of the above policy is to promote an environment that is free of discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, relationship violence, stalking, and retaliation.  All persons, including students, employees, visitors, contractors, and guests, are required to comply with this policy while on campus or participating in university programs. EWU students and employees are required to comply with this policy while conducting university business off-campus, such as business trips, field trips, and internships.

Accommodating Persons with Disabilities – EWU Policy 402-03

The above policy prescribes university standards and responsibilities related to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990; the ADA Amendments Act of 2008; the Washington State Law Against Discrimination, RCW 49.60; and Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act which prohibits discrimination against individuals on the basis of disability.

Investigation Guidelines – EWU Guideline 401-01

This document establishes guidelines for conducting university administrative investigations into allegations of misconduct and/or violation of laws, regulations, or policies relevant to the university and its constituents; and investigations of issues when the University is informed or observes an issue of misconduct or an issue regarding performance.

Service Animals – EWU Policy 603-10

This policy prescribes university standards and responsibilities related to individuals with disabilities requiring the assistance of a service animal.

Pregnancy and Parental Leave – EWU Policy 402-05

This guideline is intended to inform students and employees of resources and protections available for pregnant and parenting individuals.

Holidays & Religious Accommodations – EWU Policy 403-01
Service and Assistance Animals In University Housing – EWU Policy 204-08

This policy prescribes university standards and procedures for providing resident owners of Service or Assistance animals (“Owner[s]”) with equal access to university housing and to clarify owner and university roles and responsibilities.

Grading, Grade Changes and Grade Appeals – Academic Policy 302-24

This policy provides information and standards relative to grading, grade changes, and grade appeals for students of Eastern Washington University.