Faculty Fellowship Program

Win $1000 by teaching!

The E-Ship Center has received Fellowship funds for faculty members to expand your pedagogical methods and be rewarded for your effort. This grant will provide selected faculty with $1000 for proposing and completing a course that includes BOTH experiential learning and discussed entrepreneur opportunities within the field of study the course.

If you are interested, please fill out our brief application below.
Applications will close on November 10.

Nine winners will be selected on Nov 20. If you are teaching a class anytime in the 23-24 academic cycle, if your current fall course already includes these items, or you want to include them in upcoming quarters, apply!

A simple cover image featuring the program sponsors, EWU EShip, EWU Provost & Herbert B. Jones Foundation.

But wait… there’s more!

Provost Anderson generously offered to match this program! So there are nine more fellowships available!
For this second set of fellowships, all the rules still apply but the course only needs to include Experiential Learning and does not require the Entrepreneurial component. If you are currently, or are planning on including experiential learning in your course, this fellowship is for you!

For more information,
Contact us at entp-center@ewu.edu or contact Philip Appel directly at pappel@ewu.edu.

Sponsored by the Herbert B. Jones Foundation & the Eastern Washington University Provost.