General Information

For general information regarding the programs we offer, who we are, or what we do, feel free to call the office at 509.828.1217 or email the center at

Facebook: @EWUEntrepreneur

Faculty & Staff


Philip Appel, PhD

Director, E-Ship Center
Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering & Technology


Kalista Kakou

Student Ambassador, E-Ship Center
Major: Biology


Josh Browning

Student Ambassador, E-Ship Center
Major: Entrepreneurship

Fellows & Mentors

Matthew Chase

Matthew Chase, PhD

Professor, Recreation & Leisure Services, Recreation & Tourism Management

Ginelle Hustrulid, MFA

Associate Professor, Design


Angela Schwendiman, MA

Program Director, Africana Studies

Chris Tyllia, MFA

Senior Lecturer, Art

Advisory Board

Gary Anderson whose profile is at

Gary Anderson

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Jon Copeland whose profile is at

Jon Copeland

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Dave Gorton

David Gorton

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Jason Kostelecky whose profile is at

Jason Kostelecky

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John Manning whose profile is at

John Manning

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Darby McLean whose profile is at

Darby McLean

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Ramsey Pruchnic whose profile is at

Ramsey Pruchnic

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Monica Simeon whose profile is at

Monica Simeon

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Keith Trefry

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