Transfer Planning Tool

Transfer Degree Audit allows you to see how your transfer courses may satisfy EWU degree requirements.

How to Use the Transfer Planning Tool

  1. Create a Transfer Degree Audit account so that any information you enter can be saved for future use.  (Make sure you remember your username and password–there’s no “forgot password” reset).
  2. Select the term you plan to start at EWU!
  3. Choose “Undergraduate-Quarter” for your level — while some of our programs are on the semester schedule, transfer course evaluation is done on the quarter schedule.
  4. Select the degree/major you plan to pursue.  If you don’t know, that’s ok!  Just choose anything. You’ll still be able to see what courses transfer as general education requirements and are transferrable.
  5. Enter your transfer coursework by searching for the school and the course.  If you can’t find the course, it means we likely have not reviewed that course before.
  6. You can even enter AP/IB/CLEP/Cambridge exams to see the potential credit you’ve earned!

Understanding your Audit

Your basic EWU degree is made up:

  • Degree Requirements
  • General Education Requirement
  • Major Requirements
  • Elective Requirements

Your Transfer Audit will compare each of those requirement areas to the courses that you enter for transfer.  If the transfer course meets that requirement, you’ll see a GREEN check. If you still need the requirement, it will tell you what EWU course satisfies the requirement.

To see a course by course break down of the EWU equivalent, visit the Course Equivalencies page.

Launch Transfer Planning Tool

Using Your Audit as Part of Your Transfer Plan

Not yet ready to transfer, but you want to take more transfer courses that meet EWU requirements?  Use the EWU Transfer Guide to look up the equivalent transfer courses at your college.

Note: Students who complete a Washington Direct Transfer Agreement (AA-DTA) and transfer to EWU will be awarded junior standing (90 quarter credits) and satisfaction of all lower-division general education requirements.

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