RCW 28B.92: State Financial Aid Program

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State Financial Aid Program

 Chapter 28B.92 RCW
Financial aid application due dates and information—Notification.
State need grant program established—Purpose.
State need grant program—Findings—Intent.
Guidelines in performance of duties.
Powers and duties of office.
State need grant awards.
State need grant awards—Effect of reduction in tuition levels.
Persian Gulf veterans—Limited application of RCW 28B.92.060.
Eligibility for state need grant.
Enhanced need grants—Eligibility.
Eligibility of opportunity internship graduates.
Part-time students—Review of financial aid policies and procedures.
Dual credit programs—Review of financial aid policies and programs.
Aid granted without regard to applicant’s race, creed, color, religion, sex, or ancestry.
Theology student denied aid.
Application of award.
Office to determine how funds disbursed.
Grants, gifts, bequests, and devises of property.
State educational trust fund—Deposits—Expenditures.
Financial aid counseling curriculum for institutions with state need grant recipients: RCW 28B.76.502.