Chapter 172-90 WAC: Student Academic Integrity

WAC 172-90-010: General WAC 172-90-020: Responsibilities WAC 172-90-030: Standard of Proof WAC 172-90-040: Privacy WAC 172-90-050: Course Drop/Withdrawal Suspended WAC 172-90-060: Continuation in Course WAC 172-90-070: Pending Cases at End of Term WAC 172-90-100: Violations and Sanctions WAC 172-90-120: Initiation WAC 172-90-140: Summary Process WAC 172-90-160: Academic Integrity Board Review Process WAC 172-90-180: Administration WAC … Read more

RCW 28B.92: State Financial Aid Program

Download PDF version of this RCW State Financial Aid Program  Chapter 28B.92 RCW Complete Chapter Sections 28B.92.005 Financial aid application due dates and information—Notification. 28B.92.010 State need grant program established—Purpose. 28B.92.020 State need grant program—Findings—Intent. 28B.92.030 Definitions. 28B.92.040 Guidelines in performance of duties. 28B.92.050 Powers and duties of office. 28B.92.060 State need grant awards. 28B.92.065 … Read more

RCW 28B.15: College and University Fees

Download PDF version of this RCW COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY FEES Chapter 28B.15 RCW Complete Chapter | RCW Dispositions Sections 28B.15.005 “Colleges and universities” defined. 28B.15.011 Classification as resident or nonresident student—Legislative intent. 28B.15.012 Classification as resident or nonresident student—Definitions. 28B.15.013 Classification as resident or nonresident student—Standards for determining domicile in the state—Presumptions—Cut-off date for classification … Read more

RCW 28B.12: State Work Study Program

Download PDF version of this RCW STATE WORK-STUDY PROGRAM Chapter 28B.12 RCW Complete Chapter Sections 28B.12.010 Created. 28B.12.020 Purpose. 28B.12.030 Definitions. 28B.12.040 Student achievement council to develop and administer program—Agreements authorized, limitation. 28B.12.050 Disbursal of state work-study funds—Criteria. 28B.12.055 Work-study opportunity grant for high-demand occupations. 28B.12.060 Rules—Mandatory provisions. 28B.12.070 Annual report of institutions to office … Read more

RCW 28B.10: Colleges and Universities Generally

Download PDF version of this RCW COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES GENERALLY Chapter 28B.10 RCW Complete Chapter | RCW Dispositions Sections 28B.10.016 Definitions. 28B.10.017 “Eligible student” defined. 28B.10.019 Electronic signatures. 28B.10.020 Acquisition of property by universities and The Evergreen State College. 28B.10.022 Authority to enter into financing contracts—Notice. 28B.10.023 Contracts subject to requirements established under office of … Read more

Chapter 172-10 WAC: Public Records Requests

PDF Version Chapter 172-10 WAC Effective: December 25, 2014 Last Update: 05/21/21 Public Records Requests WAC Sections 172-10-010 Authority and purpose. 172-10-020 Public records officer. 172-10-030 Availability of public records. 172-10-040 Processing of public records requests-General 172-10-050 Obligations of requestors. 172-10-060 Processing of public records requests-Electronic records. 172-10-070 Exemptions. 172-10-080 Costs of providing copies of … Read more