EWU 409-03: Retiree Benefits

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Personnel – Benefits and Retirement

EWU Policy 409-03 Authority: EWU Board of Trustees
Effective: December 7, 2018 Proponent: Vice President for Business and Finance

Summary:  This policy describes privileges and benefits afforded to retiring employees of Eastern Washington University.

History:  This policy revises and supersede the previous version dated July 1, 2014.  It was adopted by the Board of Trustees on December 7, 2018.

1. General
Retiring employees, having provided years of dedicated service to the university, are provided certain discretionary benefits, as described in this policy, in recognition for their contributions to the university.

2. Eligibility
The retiree benefits described in this policy are only granted to employees who enter into retirement directly from employment at EWU.

3. Benefits
Eligible retirees are entitled to the following privileges and benefits.

a. employee rate discount tickets to University events;

b. library privileges equal to general community access, except that retiring emeritus faculty retain full faculty access privileges;

c. annual discounted parking permit based on space availability;

d. free parking in designated areas while attending official retiree functions that are sponsored by the university; and,

e. a shared or concierge office space will be made available for the use of faculty only, subject to space availability and based on recommendations from the appropriate dean and the provost in consultation with the Vice President for Business and Finance.  No designated  individual faculty office space will be made available to retirees.

4. Administration
To facilitate identification, EWU retirees are issued a university ID card indicating their retired status. Retirees must present their ID card, as needed, to obtain the benefits and privileges described in this policy.