Chapter 172-139 WAC – Commercial Activities

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WAC 172-139-005: Purpose

WAC 172-139-010: Commercial Activities

WAC 172-139-020: Commercial Activities in the Pence Union Building

WAC 172-139-005 Purpose. This chapter establishes standards for the conduct of commercial activities on Eastern Washington University property by persons or entities. This includes property and facilities that are owned, operated, or otherwise controlled by Eastern Washington University.

WAC 172-139-010 Commercial activities. Eastern Washington University property and facilities shall not be used by any person or entity other than the university for commercial solicitation, advertising, or promotional activities except:

(1) By special permission granted by the vice president for business and finance or designee if a contract, lease, or other formal arrangement is entered into between the university and the person, corporation, or other entity desiring to engage in commercial activity;

(2) Regular advertising, promotions, or sponsorship activities carried on, by, or in any university media, The Easterner, or at intercollegiate events;

(3) In designated areas of the Pence Union Building as set forth in WAC 172-139-020; or

(4) When the activities clearly serve educational objectives. Examples of acceptable activities include the display of books of interest to the academic community, the display or demonstration of technical or research equipment, or other commercial activities that relate to educational objectives. In all cases, such commercial activities must be conducted under the sponsorship or at the request of a university department or of a vice president or authorized designee. Approved commercial activities shall not interfere with or operate to the detriment of the conduct of university affairs or the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

WAC 172-139-020 Commercial activities in the Pence Union Building.
Commercial advertising and activities are permitted in the limited areas identified by the university in the Pence Union Building (PUB). Individuals, corporations, or entities seeking to engage in commercial activities or advertising within the PUB must obtain approval from the director of the student union building prior to conducting any commercial activity. The university shall charge vendors for use of PUB facilities.