EWU 602-02: Immunizations

Requires employees to provide proof of a MMR vacincations or seek a waiver
Modifies waiver requirements to reduce the types of waivers to medical or religious waivers

Chapter 172-121 WAC – Student Conduct Code

Chapter 172-121 WAC, Student Conduct Code Effective: 01/09/2024 (for previous versions please contact the University Policy Administrator) WAC Sections PART I: ADMINISTRATION, APPLICATION, DEFINITIONS 172-121-010: Introduction 172-121-020: Definitions 172-121-030: Rights of Students 172-121-040: Jurisdiction 172-121-050: External Authorities 172-121-060: Notification of Criminal Arrest 172-121-070: Conduct Review Officials 172-121-075: Conflicts of Interest 172-121-080: Administration and Records PART … Read more

EWU 402-02: Diversity & Nondiscrimination

PDF Version Civil Rights EWU Policy 402-02 Authority: EWU Board of Trustees Effective:  May 17, 2024 Proponent: Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion and Vice President for Business & Finance   Purpose: This policy prescribes university standards relative to diversity, nondiscrimination, equal opportunity, and affirmative action. History: This policy revises the previous version of this … Read more

EWU Policy 204-08: Service and Assistance Animals in University Housing

Adds language requiring owners to identify an emergency contact to care for an assistance/emotional support animal if the owner is not available.

Adds language indicating if an owner is not available to care for an assistance animal for more than 24 hours, Housing & Residential Life will contact the emergency contact. If the emergency contact is not available, Housing & Residential Life may contact local animal control services to remove the animal.

EWU Policy 402-05: Title IX Investigations & Hearings

PDF Version Standards of Conduct EWU Policy 402-05 Authority: EWU Board of Trustees Effective: May 20, 2022 Proponent: Vice President for Business & Finance Purpose: This policy describes the university’s grievance procedures for responding to Title IX complaints against EWU employees. History: This policy updates and supersedes a former version of the policy dated December 10, … Read more