photo of Northwest Boulevard Magazine logo. Its a sign that features the name of magazine hanging from a black sign. The background is water color shades of purple. It is a circle.
Welcome to the Northwest Boulevard!

Northwest Boulevard is a place for EWU undergrads to find their first steps as submitters and editors to a literary magazine, seeking to build a community based on appreciation for our student bodies’ creative endeavors. We currently accept submissions of short fiction, novel excerpts, creative nonfiction, poetry, art, multimedia, and other forms of storytelling. Please explore our website for more information on how to submit your work. If you are interested in being a part of the editorial staff, Click here or please email us at,

If you are a currently enrolled EWU undergraduate student, we invite and encourage you to submit work regardless of what degree program you are enrolled in. We ask that you submit only completed and polished works, not a first draft or work-in-progress.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and Northwest Boulevard desires the best creative material wherever it might originate. Our wish is to gather such works that allow us inside your interpretation of life. This year we are excited to return to an in-print publication of Northwest Boulevard.


Meet the Editors! The Undergrad students of Eastern Washington University


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About Northwest Boulevard

Since the 1980s, Northwest Boulevard has published generations of EWU undergraduate writers. For most, the magazine proudly represents their first publication, and many have gone on to publish books and widely in national magazines. Through its entire history, the magazine has always been edited and produced entirely by Eastern undergraduate students.

We are currently accepting submissions for fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual arts, and photography. We are looking forward to seeing your work!

About Our Recent Issues
Cover of the Fall 2023 issue of the Northwest Boulevard magazine. It features a close up photo of round brown fungi on a team with a forest background

Published Fall 2023

Cover Artist: Michelle Robertson, Titled Kinoko

Editors: Noelle Bowden, Sam Cash, Brandon Welte, Meg Rice, Brandi Permin

Contributors: Daisy Noelle, E.W. Here, Elizabeth Mendiola, Emma Reincke, Irie Browning, Jenn Ramsdell, Kayla Vanderhoof, Luu Melon, Rachel Rickards, Sam Cash, Zachary Lumsden

View Issue Page Here

cover of Northwest Boulevard Winter 2022 issue. It features a water color paintings of a three sections. They are separated by paper tears lines. The most prominent part is the women looking towards the right of the page in a close up angle

Published Winter 2022

Cover Artist: Noelle Bowden & Brandi Permin, Titled One Day

Editors: Joseph Self, Riley Langill, Noelle Bowden, Thomas Corey, Anna Pearsall, Steven May, Brandi Permin

Contributors: Isabella Bessire, Calven Eldred, Tricia Kiehn, Tracy Day, E.W. Here, Larry Ty Holmes Jr, Alaysia Mitchell, C.R. Meadows, Tony Krallis, Joseph Self, Fia Tart

View Issue Page Here

Cover of Northwest Boulevard's spring of 2021 issue. It features large clouds in the night sky. They are lit up by red and orange lights, giving the clouds a orange and purple hue

Published Spring of 2021

Cover Artist: Emily Cunnington, Titled Spooky

Editors: Calven Eldred, Alisyn Waite, Zoe Cunnington, David Snell, Noelle Bowden, Mackinzie Brink, Madison Flint, Oran Bordwell, Kalob Buckingham-Koons, Riley Langill, Thomas Corey, Nathaniel McCarty, Jessica Rodriguez, Joesph Self

Contributors: View Issue Here 

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