Reflective Blog 11

Reflect on your professional development and career goals.  What have you done to enhance your professional development? How has professional development affected your leadership, teaching and or administrative skills?  What is your personal plan for continued achievement in professional development?  

Reflective Blog 5: Diversity in the classroom/conference

Reflect on your own cultural competence/sensitivity. Describe a colleague you feel is culturally competent/sensitive. Why?  What skills and or qualities can you develop to nurture your cultural competence/sensitivity?  How will your increased awareness of the importance of diversity and cultural competence/sensitivity influence your growth as a leader and or educator?

Reflective Blog 3: Critical Analysis

Evaluation is crucial to growth however it can be a painful process if we don’t receive a thoughtful and constructive critique.  Reflect on how you receive feedback.  Consider what skills would be helpful in receiving feedback.  How do you think these skills will impact your reception of future feedback?