Honors Summer Institute on Diversity, Inclusion and the Holocaust

Group Photo of Honors Summer Institute on Diversity and Inclusion in the Netherlands
22 Honors students and two professors pictured outside of Camp Westerbork’s visitor center after concluding presentations.

Honors Student, Hope Sands, travelled to the Netherlands this past summer for an intensive two and a half week long institute on Diversity, Inclusion and the Holocaust. The program focused on finding solutions to persisting problems today, but learning from examples in the past. Joined by 21 other Honors students from across the US and the Netherlands, the group travelled to places such as Camp Westerbork, Amsterdam, Den Hauge and even to Berlin, Germany and Bergen Belsen. Read more here: EWU Honors Student Experiences “Life Changing” Study Abroad Trip

This trip was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that not only taught me about the past, but also granted me knowledge in how to approach problems in the future. I made so many new memories and friends on this trip and learned a lot about myself in the process

Hope Sands

Honors Event Pictures – Honors Tailgate

On November 2nd, the Honors Program hosted a Tailgate event for Honors students and their families.

Honors Student Submissions – Keri Kelly

Keri Kelly, a freshman Honors Student created and edit a video featuring several Honors Students attending an EWU play called: Urine Town. The description of the play is as follows: Urine Town the Musical is a hysterical satirical comedy that explores the sustainability in our world today. Witness a dystopian future in which every citizen must pay to use any toilet and every toilet. Enjoy such crude humor that even your grandmother will tell third grader potty jokes afterwards!

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