APE Registration for Summer 24 CLOSED

The APE exam and FAQs are defined HERE. BSCS and BCS majors who have NOT passed CSCD 300 before 01/10/2023 AND have NOT passed APE before, registering APE of Summer 24 is closed at this moment. Please be reminded that after you register APE and you don’t show up at the exam, your no-show will be counted towards a failed attempt on the APE exam. Canceling a registration can be made by emailing to the exam coordinator two weeks before the exam happens.

Note: We strongly advise you take APE after you passed CSCD 211, because APE covers LinkedList and Recursion topics. You can find USEFUL sample exam and FAQs on this site. You may be allowed to take the APE for three times. After three failures of APE, you will be invited to talk to the chair for continuing enrollment.

Summer 24 APE

illustration of the catalyst building with people walking in it

Questions: email Dr. Tony Tian at ytian AT ewu DOT edu