AP 303-23: Classroom Attendance

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Academic Policy 303-23 Authority: University President
Effective March 23, 2016 Proponent: Academic Senate

This policy establishes classroom attendance standards for students of Eastern Washington University.

History:  This policy supersedes the previous version dated May 22, 2012. It includes housekeeping changes of March 23, 2016.

Classroom Attendance

1.     Faculty Authority

Instructors determine to what extent class attendance will be monitored and what bearing attendance will have on grades.

Instructors shall provide students with the course attendance policy during the first class meeting or within the syllabus.

2.     Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to attend all class sessions.

Students are responsible for complying with the course attendance policy and the provisions of this policy.

Students who do not receive or do not fully understand the attendance policy are responsible for contacting the instructor.

3.     Registration Required

Students who attend a class session for which they are not registered will not receive credit for the course.

4.     Student Initiated Drops

Students are responsible for dropping all classes they do not plan on attending. Students who register for a class, but do not attend, are responsible for dropping the course officially through the Records and Registration Office

5.     Instructor Initiated Drops

Students who miss one or more class sessions of an undergraduate course within the first five days of the term may be dropped from the course at the instructor’s discretion. The instructor must make any such drops by the end of the 6th day of the term.