AP 301-22: Academics – Governance and Policies

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Academics & Research – Academics & Instruction

Academic Policy 301-22 Authority: University President
Effective April 5, 2012 Proponent: Academic Senate

This policy contains information related to academic governance and sources of academic standards for Eastern Washington University.  It also includes the university statement on academic freedom, superseding UGS Policy 375-080-040.

History:  This policy is new.  It was adopted by the Academic Senate on February 13, 2012 and approved by the University president on April 5, 2012.

I. General

1. Academic Freedom

The principle of academic freedom shall be protected and preserved by all members of the university community.

2. Academic Governance

Academic activities of the University are governed through the shared efforts of the Faculty Organization and the University Administration.  Detailed information is contained in EWU Policy 101-02, University Governance.

II. Academic Policies

1. Academic Policies

These policies include standards and procedures related to student requirements, expectations, and academic processes.

  1. Academic Policy 303-21, Undergraduate Students
  2. Academic Policy 303-22, Graduate Students
  3. Academic Policy 303-23, Classroom Attendance
  4. Academic Policy 303-24, Grades & Grade Appeals
  5. Academic Policy 303-25, Posthumous Degrees
  6. Academic Policy 303-26, Degree Revocation
  7. Academic Policy 303-30, Registration
  8. Annual Catalog
  9. Quarterly Announcement

2. Academic Management Policies

Academic Policy 303-35, Program and Course Management, concerns the management of academic functions, particularly standards and processes related to academic program and course management activities.

3. Organization and Governance Policies

  1. EWU Policy 101-01, University Organization
  2. EWU Policy 101-02, University Governance
  3. EWU Policy 301-01, Academic Organization
  4. Academic Policy 301-21, Faculty Organization and Academic Senate