Satori Class of 2017

Welcome to Satori Camp!

July 21-27, 2024

Countdown to Satori 2024:


Satori Summer Camp is the brainchild of Dr. Bruce Mitchell and Mike Cantlon and grew out of their mutual concern over the lack of opportunities for gifted youth to socialize in a non-competitive atmosphere. Founded in 1983, Satori is now entering its 40th year.

The camp is based on a philosophy of non-competition; unlike many other enrichment programs for gifted youth, campers are not graded for their participation, nor do they receive advanced placement credit. What they do get is an opportunity to interact with intellectual peers and engage in all sorts of stimulating activities.

During camp, participants choose three classes from amongst the course offerings, taking these each day during their week at camp. The camp’s course offerings feature a wide variety of classes that introduce campers to areas of inquiry that they may not have been previously exposed to including multimedia design, journalism, brain science, sculpture, archaeology, acting, literary criticism, and many more. Campers have the option to live on Eastern Washington University’s campus for the duration of camp and enjoy the various amenities available on a typical university campus, including the academic facilities and recreational facilities. To learn more, visit our Camp History page.