Krisztian Magori, Ph.D.

MagoriK_02aKrisztian Magori is the Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at the Department of Biology at Eastern Washington University. In addition to leading the Disease Ecology Lab at EWU, he’s teaching Biostatistics for both undergraduate and graduate Biology students at EWU. He also provides statistical consultation internally, for graduate students in our program, as well as externally for other agencies. He’s interested in outreach activities with the K-12 system, in active learning pedagogy and higher education reform. He’s been serving on the Critical Foundation Council at EWU implementing a new, more effective general education curriculum. He’s generally interested in infectious diseases, particularly in those transmitted by arthropods. He’s active on social media, running his professional Twitter feed @BiteOfAMosquito continuously since 2008. He’s also one of the founding editors of the blog of BMC journal Parasites and Vectors, called Bugbitten. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. For more information on him, please see his CV here. You can reach him at