Request Work Study on your FAFSA by 2/1/23

Work study is based on financial need and is awarded as part of your financial aid package. In order to be eligible for work study, check the box that says "Yes", I’m interested in working for part of my aid. Then, watch for your financial aid package – if it asks you to complete an additional form, please do so asap. This is not a guarantee as there is not enough money to award all that are eligible. Work study will be awarded in August.


Getting Paid

These are the steps you can take on your end to make sure you are receiving your paychecks:

  1. If you are a new on-campus employee, make sure all your hiring paperwork is completed. View the checklist on the Hiring Documents page and follow up with Student Employment to confirm.
  2. Complete and submit your timesheet on time. For timesheet deadlines view our Dates & Deadlines page or download the schedule on the EWU Payroll's website.
  3. If you are having your paychecks mailed to you, verify your address on EagleNET.
  4. If you are signed up for Direct Deposit, review the Direct Deposit instructions.

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