Fundraising by student organizations at EWU is defined as “any activity in which money is exchanged”. Even if taking in money is to defray expenses, it is considered a fundraiser when a group solicits donations, sells raffle tickets or other items.

Clubs with an on-campus account may utilize EWU's Tax ID. However, keep in mind that EWU is not a charitable organization under IRS code 501-C3. Clubs cannot use state funds (S & A) as “seed money” for its organization’s fundraiser.

Fundraising Policies

  • A registered student organization must have prior approval by submitting an EagleSync event for fundraising, have their event approved, and clearly identify itself when raising funds.
  • All registered student organizations must have a treasurer/accountant and must ensure that funds are being tracked and monitored by a responsible individual.
  • In raising funds, student organizations are required to adhere to all university rules and regulations and policies.
  • Fundraising activities shall comply with all state laws, licensing requirements, and tax laws. It is the responsibility of the student organizations to comply with such laws.
  • Promotional materials may acknowledge the assistance of non-university groups; however, student organizations may not conduct any activity that shall establish or extend fundraising privileges to campus for a commercial enterprise.
  • Student organizations may charge admission for activities such as dances or lectures providing that they are financial sponsors of the event. Student organizations may not charge an admission fee or collect donations if EWU or the ASEWU is paying for the main attraction in part or in whole.
  • Student organizations may not conduct raffles on EWU property without approval through EagleSync and Student Accounting. Additional material will be required for raffles.
  • Student organizations may charge admissions for film and video showings provided they have obtained the proper copyright clearance. Each organization shall be responsible for procuring any necessary license for such showings. SAIL can inform you on how to get copyright permission.
  • Student organizations wishing to sell self-produced or self-made items (t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.) must have prior approval through EagleSync and University Marketing & Communications (MARCOM). Material that violates copyright laws will not be approved.
  • If multiple student organizations are co-sponsoring a fundraising program, each organization is responsible for submitting an EagleSync event.
  • Because of strict state laws, individual students are not permitted to raise funds on campus.

Did you know you can rent a credit card machines from the student acounting office to use at fundraising events?