Fighting Eagle Cadets Conduct Winter 2019 Army Physical Fitness Test

This week Cadets from the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program conducted the Winter quarter Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) inside the EWU Fieldhouse.  The APFT is a three event test that measures the muscular and cardiovascular endurance of the person taking the test.  The first part of the APFT is the pushup event where the Cadets each had to do as many pushup repetitions as possible within a 2-minute timeframe.

The second part of the APFT is the situp event.  During this event each Cadet had to do as many situp repetitions as possible with their hands behind their neck within a 2-minute timeframe.

The third and final event of the APFT is the 2-mile run.  Due to inclement weather conditions the 2-mile run was executed on the indoor track inside the Fieldhouse.  The Cadets had to complete 16 laps around the Fieldhouse to complete the 2-mile run portion of the APFT.

Being able to pass the APFT is an important milestone within the ROTC training program.  Receiving a passing score as well as meeting Army height/weight requirements allows Cadets to contract into ROTC and access scholarship benefits, a $420 monthly stipend, apply for ROTC sponsored internships, and attend advanced military training.

For anyone thinking of joining ROTC that may be concerned that they are not in shape to pass the APFT, don’t worry because most new Cadets do not have the fitness level to pass.  The ROTC process is about building leaders and developing physical fitness is part of the program.  EWU ROTC conducts physical training (PT) each weekday morning that prepares Cadets to pass and excel at the APFT.  Most new Cadets after completing a quarter of ROTC see dramatic improvements in their fitness level.

For anyone interested in improving their fitness and exploring ROTC please give our Enrollment Officer Mr. Rob Riedel a call at 509-359-6109.

Go ROTC!  Go Fighting Eags!

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