EWU ROTC Cadets Selected for the Forensic Internship Program

EWU ROTC is proud to announce the selection of Cadets Cheyenne Sweet and Valentino Olmstead for the Forensic Internship Program.

This summer both Cadets will intern at the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) located in Largo, Florida.  The internship will expose the Cadets to the latest cutting edge technology utilized for biometric and forensic identification.  They will be taught how to examine and develop fingerprints, chemical detection and analysis, media/cellular exploitation, improvised explosive device (IED) investigations, and the capabilities of deployable forensic laboratories.

Both Cadets were selected for the Forensic Internship Program through a Cadet Command sponsored competitive nomination process that required them to demonstrate academic excellence, physical fitness, and high character.  Congratulations to Cadets Sweet and Olmstead for being selected to this prestigious internship.

Go ROTC!  Go Fighting Eags!

5 thoughts on “EWU ROTC Cadets Selected for the Forensic Internship Program”

  1. That is really super news. I’m sure glad that the ROTC program has these kinds of opportunities for cadets today

  2. Jerry, yes there are many great opportunities for Cadets today such as applying for these Cadet Command sponsored internships.

    Best part about this is that these are two great Cadets that work hard every day in school and with ROTC; so it is good to see them rewarded with this great internship opportunity.


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