EWU Army ROTC Fighting Eagles Cadets Conduct Combat Water Survival Testing

By: Cadet Austin Bristow

On November 14th, 2019 the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) “Fighting Eagles” battalion conducted the Combat Water Survival Test (CWST). The CWST is an event that every Cadet must pass in order for them to commission as officers.  The test was held in the Aquatics Center on the EWU campus.

Cadets came in their assigned uniforms excited because of the fact that CWST is the only swimming event scheduled in the regular academic week. Even though the CWST is serious and is necessary for all Cadets, many Cadets also see it as the highlight of the academic quarter.

The first events are a 10-minute swim that requires all Cadets to not touch: the walls of the pool, the floor of the pool, or any other Cadets. After a short rest, Cadets then enter the pool again to tread water for 5-minutes. The other events include a step off the high dive board with a rubber M16, a gear ditch, and a 15-meter swim with a rubber M16 in hand and a fighting load carrier on the body. All of these events (besides the 10-minute swim and 5-minute tread) but be completed in a uniform that includes physical training shorts, tan tee, and ACU top and bottoms.

Due to all the Cadets finishing the CWST early, this allowed Cadets to have some free time. The Cadets used this free time to go over various water survival skills (like inflating a pair of pants for a flotation device) and also do some water-resistant exercises. Not only did over 90% of the Cadets pass the CWST, but they had a great time doing so as well.

Go Fighting Eags!

Note: You can view more pictures from the CWST below: 


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