Commanding General of US Army Cadet Command Announces Strategy to Grow the Officer Corps

The US Army Cadet Command (USACC) Commanding General, Major General John Evans recently published his strategy to ensure that the US Army’s ROTC programs are commissioning enough officers to meet demand:

Major General John Evans

The Army may have missed its recruiting goal this year, but the head of Army Cadet Command said he remains confident in officer accession.

Maj. Gen. John Evans, who is also the commanding general of Fort Knox, Ky., said there have been challenges – such as low nationwide unemployment, which means increased competition for top talent – but the officer corps is strong. By 2020, leaders hope to have 6,000 new second lieutenants filtering into positions.

“While there’s always a concern about growing the officer corps and whether you can get the right number of qualified candidates, I feel very comfortable right now that we are on the glide path to making our mission in the out years,” he said.

Here are four ways Evans is working to grow the officer corps.  [Military Officer Association of America]

MG Evans strategy has four points:

  1. Reaching the 2020 Goal
  2. Building Up JROTC Groups
  3. Reaching Out to Students Who Miss the Cut for West Point
  4. Calling on Retired Officers

You can read the details for each point at the link.

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